About Us

We started out as a small group who had a passion for films and stories. So instead of waiting for something to happen, we started by doing. “Let’s make a short film. Let’s film a wedding. Let’s design some characters and posters.” And that’s how we started. We absorbed where we could and learnt by doing and from anyone who would teach. And in just starting, have had the opportunity to work with and learn from people from all over the world and love to pass on what we’ve learnt with aspiring filmmakers and artists.

Film-making, animation, design and photography, although all are extremely different they all lend a hand in working together. Understanding the storyboard rules and editing, improves your cinematography, which improves your lighting skills which improves your photography, can you see how they tie into each other?

So let’s build and create, let’s work as a team playing the ultimate team sport, let’s design, shoot, edit and animate.