Create entire worlds from just an idea. Do impossible things and stop the bad guys from taking over the world.

Animation is not just making movies or shorts but it has so many different avenues. Here you can create a mascot to tell your story. You want to be a cartoon character? Sure no problem. Make a fun unique card for a gift. Create a video to explain what your company does or to tell people your story.

The possibilities go as far as your imagination is willing to, and with us that’s pretty far.

Some of the services we offer

• Character design and development
• Story-boarding
• Comic book design
• Motion comics
• Whiteboard/ Explainer videos
• Unique Gift cards
• 2D animation
• Stop frame animation
• Voice over’s/ voice acting
• Murals
• Portraits (hand or digital drawn)

We are currently working with Shaee Star Studios in California to create their very first motion comic book.

So jump on board, let your imagination run wild and enjoy the ride.



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