Want to learn more about filmmaking, photography or animation?
This is the spot to be, whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or are just looking for more experience.
Whether you want to do this as a hobby or pursue a career or hey, aren’t even sure and just want to try something new. You can join us on one of our courses where we tackle the subject from where you are at. You also get a chance to join us on set and start to get a feel of what it would be like to work on a professional set. You learn the lingo with us, break down a scene and build it up again. You learn about the importance of each person on set, from runners, AC’s, scripty’s, to DP’s, writers and directors. You learn how each department works and how to deal with all the different personalities and stay calm under the pressure of a deadline.
Let us walk with you on this journey, help you avoid the speed bumps that just slow you down and build you up while we build up the film industry on the south coast to international standards.

Available courses

Casting and Extras

What to be an extra in a movie or series?
Well stay tuned, we will be opening up this section soon